Benjamin Dour

Agile Consultant and Trainer

Coach for over 15 years, Benjamin has had the opportunity to work in France, Belgium and Canada in various fields, notably the banking and industrial sectors. His many experiences have allowed him to acquire a solid background not only in Agility, but also in management and leadership.

Through his various mandates, he has developed the ability to intervene both with production teams and senior management. His pragmatism and his communication management help him to set up an effective and adapted support, both at the human and the process levels.

His Agile journey led him to work in close collaboration with several creators of the Agile Manifesto. His involvement with the Agile community and the resulting knowledge sharing support his development as a trainer and facilitator.

Because of his role, he is continuously training and he recently added graphic facilitation to his toolbox. Pyxis Technologies relies on his skills to help employees gain in maturity and experience.

The most important decisions you make are not the things you do, but the things you decide not to do.

—   Steve Jobs