Daniel Leclair


Seasoned executive with 25 years of experience in IT and operations in a diversity of sectors, Daniel started out as an industrial engineer with a keen interest for technology, and for early incarnations of the Lean approach and its deployment in a North American context. He then joined a fast-growing consulting services company where he was involved in software development, systems integration, management of consulting services, international business development and corporate strategy. In 2001, he leaped into entrepreneurship and started exploring Agile approaches with a firm belief that it would help in delivering and recovering the large projects he had to manage. Daniel strongly believes that the solution to better manage our ever more complex world lies in the well-balanced development of human qualities. Passionate about music, Daniel also wants to contribute to the promotion of emerging culture. In fact, he is a member of the board of directors of La Centrale des artistes, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of young emerging artists.

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Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.

—    Miles Davis