François Beauregard

Organizational coach

I have a daring, even naive curiosity, and I am a great explorer of the conventionally known. Inspired by the destabilization of the agreed upon and the openings generated by the soft highlighting of perceptions of inconsistencies, I am convinced that there are possibilities that await to be realized far beyond - or below - our fields of vision.

I have a passion for software development and human organizations. I like to contribute to projects where the intention is to explore new modes of operation and governance, while seeking to maximize the quality of life and personal satisfaction of all participants.

Like me, maybe you are intrigued by the phenomenon of forming the ‘I’ that is discussed in a bio?

Some of François' blog posts on Agile Know-How:


Titles and qualifications:

Participatory Agility practitioner
Integral facilitator
Integral development coach
Software development Engineer
Choosing to act on "what matters" is the choice to live a passionate existence, which is anything but controlled and predictable.

—   Peter Block