Jean-François Biron

Digital Specialist

Jean-François holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration specialized in Human Resources Management from the Université du Québec à Rimouski, and a Master's degree in Management Sciences with a specialization in Organizational Development from HEC Montréal. He is committed to helping companies get the most out of themselves and what's to come, both in terms of people and technology. Fundamentally, he believes that it is through organizational structures and management models that are better adapted to human and technological realities that companies will succeed in attracting and retaining the best talent and better adapt to change.

It was through his involvement on the Agile Tour Montreal organizational committee that Jean-François developed his interest in agility and, especially, in the transformational role of the scrum master. He saw many similarities between this role and some of the principles and values of organizational development, such as acting as a process facilitator, exercising servant leadership, and working towards the autonomy of project teams through the development of a culture based on the principles of continuous improvement and internal skills development.

Fresh out of his master's degree, Jean-François joined the Pyxis consulting team with the firm intention of putting to the test the knowledge acquired throughout his academic path.

The tension of our time is that we want our organizations to behave as living systems, but we only know how to treat them as machines.

—   Margaret J. Wheatley