Jean Trudel

Organizational coach

Jean joined Pyxis in 2015. He comes with 15 years of research, development, and practice in the field of organizational design and development. He is committed to reinforcing generative capacity of people and their organizations, systems, or structures. His one-on-one style is incisive and plays at the edge. He is a provocative partner taking deep dives, playing with the shadows, and stretching himself and his clients into new realms of possibilities.

Jean has high standards and ethics. His ability to understand the deep process of change and performance as well as to translate work and play into actionable short and long term strategies is extraordinary. He particularly can deal with complexity while bringing a real human touch that enables others to naturally engage in a generative process of change.

We hold relationally responsible actions to be those that sustain and enhance forms of interchange out of which meaningful action itself is made possible. If human meaning is generated through relationship, then to be responsible to relational processes is to favor the possibility of intelligibility itself—of possessing selves, values, and the sense of worth. Isolation represents the negation of humanity

—   McNamee & Gergen