Louis-Philippe Carignan

Training partner

Louis-Philippe has almost 20 years of experience as an information technology professional. He has carried out all his mandates in Agile mode where he played the roles of Scrum Master, Agile coach and organizational coach. Today, he coaches teams and organizations that wish to implement organizational agility.

Trainer for Scrum.org for 10 years and with prokanban.org since its launch, he has trained more than 500 people in the Scrum and Kanban approaches where he is recognized by the creators of each approach. He is the founder of PaceMkr, a Kanban metrics tool for Scrum teams, used by various organizations to make better decisions about their goals.

ProKanban Certified
Scrum.org Certified
To say that the world is complex is to express our difficulty in apprehending it, in making sense of it, it is to recognize the gap between the level of complexity of our mind and that of the world in which we live.

—   Robert Kegan