Mamun Morshed

Digital Specialist

Mamun Morshed, a lifelong learner, is an experienced Agile and Lean expert with 20 years of experience in the project management & operational excellence domain in telecommunication, banking and financial industries. He has experience managing cross-functional, multi-cultural, onshore and offshore teams.

Mamun helped to explore possibilities by collaborating with executives & teams that drive business outcomes. Led transformation initiatives ranging from $0.5M to $15M. Helped organizations to achieve strategic objectives, such as a 33% increase in sales, 50% reduction in inventory lead time, boosted revenue by $10M. 

Mamun has expertise in the area of Agile Transformation, Training, Process Improvements, Project Management Framework Implementation, PMO setup and management. Mamun facilitated numerous Community of Practice (CoP), Lean Coffee and Meetup sessions.

The word "Listen" contains the same letters as the word "Silent".

—   Alfred Brendel