Martin Plante

Agile Consultant

Since 2002, I have developed a solid expertise in the fields of information systems and geomatics. I am known for the quality of my customer service, my professionalism and my communication skills. I have managed many projects in America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Constantly looking for new ideas and useful and effective solutions, I want to ensure optimal cohesion between the different actors involved in a project to maximize their role and ensure the technical and human success of my mandates.

Passionate about the development of teams and individuals - whether professionally or through my passion for music - I naturally evolved into Agile practices in my interventions. I joined the Pyxis network in 2018 to create Solutions Pyxis inc. which offers consulting and training services with a special focus on SME's operational Agility.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

—   Peter Drucker