Tremeur Balbous

Agile consultant and trainer

Catalyst of an intentionally fulfilling life…

Senior consultant and Scrum Master at Pyxis Suisse, Tremeur leads Agile transformations using Scrum. He works with teams of various sizes and in various locations. Furthermore, he coaches managers as well as management teams.

Professional Scrum Trainer certified by, he gives the "Professional Scrum Master" course in public or private sessions both in Europe and Canada (Quebec). He leads Immunity to Change™ workshops to help people and organizations overcome their immunity and unlock their potential.

Certified Integral Coach® and Immunity to Change™ facilitator, he is the first French Integral Facilitator®. Experienced speaker, he loves to share his passion for Agility and human development through talks or workshops.

Some of Tremeur's blog posts on Agile Know-How:

The manager's function is not to make people work, it is to make it possible for people to work.

—   T. DeMarco and T. Lister