Zélia Lefebvre

Agile Coach

Passionate about human beings on all levels and holding a master's degree in management of organizational development from HEC, Zélia has been a lecturer at UQAM and now works with various organizations as Agile coach and organizational development consultant.Recently Zélia, has become a certified ICAgile / Agile People instructor.

She offers a style of coaching and consultation based on a solid academic and practical foundation, as well as a positive psychology approach. She is certified to use MPO tools (personality tests, communication styles, and talents) to help human resources better recruit candidates and help individuals and teams collaborate and manage conflicts effectively.

Recognized for her boundless curiosity, strategic sense and creativity, she places all her benevolence and enthusiasm at the service of clients to help them engage in a viable and sustainable evolution.

When the world is predictable you need smart people. When the world is unpredictable you need adaptable people.

—   Henry Mintzberg